Can you help?

The project has only just started and we are looking for support to rebuild this lost racing car. The aim of the project is to research the history of the car and bring it back to its former glory.


The car originally came with a Lincoln Zephyr V12 engine and was ahead of its time with its rear engine mounting. It was a great disappointment to find that the car did not come with the original engine which is a great shame, but we are hot on the trail at this time to see if we can find it.


Ford Flathead V8 test mount.

We are looking for main sponsors or individuals to support the project, we intend to promote the project via Kickstarter at the appropriate time.

Do you have parts you can donate? Let us know.

Wanted: V12 Engines, heads, Gearboxes/adaptors, Lincoln Steering Wheel, Goodyear Racing Tires and rear fender skirts as an example